Why SCS?

A business can face dire financial consequences if employee issues are dealt with in the wrong manner. It is imperative for a business to hire an HR professional who has the experience and expertise to deal with employee issues according to employment and legal standards.

The opportunity cost of hiring a consultant is having the peace of mind that a professional is managing your business unit with the utmost integrity, diplomacy by using relevant industry practices. This gives a business the ability to focus on operational issues, and growth.

SCS supports every aspect of employee management such as recruitment, performance issues, disability management, and termination to ensure you do not have to be vulnerable to legal action.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by staffing issues ?
  • Resources spread too thin, and do not have time to deal with employee issues ?
  • Unsure how to manage staff and avoid legal liabilities ?
  • Need Human Resource support but do not require full-time HR staff ?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, call SCS

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