About Us


SCS Inc. is a consulting firm who provides a myriad of human resource services. Our areas of expertise include but not limited to recruitment, employee relations, policy development, training, and compensation.

We are a Canadian company providing HR services in Edmonton, HR recruiter services in Alberta and throughout Canada.

Our human resources agency located in Canada offers additional services such as payroll and bookkeeping, and IT support. Our goal is to assist businesses accomplish their short and long-term objectives by establishing relevant HR policies to maintain a motivated and engaged workforce.

SCS Inc. provides a wide range of remote and in-house services at an affordable hourly rate. We are committed to establishing a long-term business relationship, and dedicated to achieving it.


  • <  Develops a cost effective plan
  • <  Provides 24/7 support
  • <  Supports a business of any size
  • <  Guarantees proficient, professional anddedicated teamto every project